This Coffee Shop’s Clever Sign Is Teaching Inconsiderate Customers a Lesson

My favorite job — other than my current one, of course — was working at a coffee shop during college. I loved being creative with the drinks and the menus, being able to make people happy in just a couple of minutes, and talking with the regulars each and every day.

But for all the good people that came in, there were also those that were so extremely rude I had to bite my tongue and exact revenge in the form of slightly less foam on their cappuccino then they might have preferred.

Austin Simms of Roanoke, Virginia, can relate to that all too well.

So in an effort to help some customers with their manners, he placed a sign outside of CUPS Coffee & Tea indicating their new pricing policy.

It basically goes on to reward polite, respectful behavior while charging those who fail to acknowledge this basic form of decency a little bit more.