• Tomi Lahren Has Reportedly Been Suspended From Her Show For Her Recent Comments..!!

    Right-wing conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren has reportedly been suspended by The Blaze, where she hosts a primetime commentary show. Lahren, twenty-four, who has gained viral fame for her inflammatory remarks about millennials, liberals, and others, apparently crossed a line after her recent admission she supports abortion rights caused controversy with fans. Leon Wolf, […]

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  • This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy for Photoshop Help..!!!

    1 We all know that Photoshop can be used to make any picture pretty much anything that you want, like erasing wrinkles or putting a cat on a motorcycle. But if you’re not proficient in the practice and still want to make your pictures a bit better, have no fear, as Photoshop wizard James Fridman will […]

  • This Teen Basically Got the Most Brutal Job Rejection Ever..!!

    It’s never fun to get rejected from a job you were interviewing for, but most companies try and keep it classy and let you know in a respectful manner — I said most companies, but apparently not all of them. Meet eighteen-year-old Megan Dixon from Leicester, UK. Dixon went for a job interview at a restaurant […]

  • Mama June’s Incredible Weight Loss Has Finally Been Revealed..!!

    Love it or hate it, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo sure left its mark on reality TV audiences and pop culture in general, and most people at least know the name “Mama June.”   The show might have ended, but Mama June’s battle with her weight has continued on. She previously revealed that she had […]

  • 12 Cute Cats With Crazy Fur Patterns..!!!

    Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats can be pretty cool too. They’re extremely smart, love to hang out and often like to do their own thing. Oh, and did I mention that some of them have incredibly spectacular fur patterns? Don’t believe me? Well, even if you’re not a fan of felines, these […]

  • 20 Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers To The Rescue….!!!

    When things aren’t going your way and you’re in a pinch, it’s time for some quick thinking! Luckily, these people have honed their clever problem-solving skills big time. Some of these are brilliant, others…well, passable. But each of them made us laugh in one way or another! Enjoy! 1. Could barely notice! 2. Talk about […]