32 DIY Halloween Decorations

There’s nothing like Halloween decorations to get the holiday spirit of All Hallow’s Eve going. Setting you up for the mood for some spooky and festive celebrations, decorating your home with pumpkins, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and everything black and orange will have everyone dressing up in their Halloween costumes and ready to do some naughty trick or treating.
Whether you’re setting up your home with creepy and scary decorations or placing some super cute Halloween-themed trinkets, decorating this Halloween will surely transform your home into one spooktaculiar bonanza.

Don’t know where to get some unique and awesome Halloween decorations? Why not make some of your own? You don’t have to spend much. With just a few supplies and creativity, you can definitely fill your home with some great Halloween fun. Here are some awesome Halloween decoration ideas for your home.

DIY Zombie Hand Decor

Would you like to scare your guests with a hand coming off the wall? This is the way to go. It’s as simple as gluing a fake hand to a frame and then boarding everything up around the hand to conceal the base. via consumercrafts

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