32 Pretty Before And After Kitchen Makeovers

A renovated kitchen can deliver better storage, enhanced ergonomics and higher resale value. Get inspired by these amazing before and after kitchen makeovers and start planning a kitchen redo of your own.

Fantastic Kitchen Makeover: Same Cabinets with Creative Fixes

Before: Dark and Uninteresting. Not only do the laminate counters look drab but the dated appliance and lack of a backsplash made this kitchen a prime candidate for a makeover.
After: Airy and User-Friendly. The bland oak cabinets got an upgraded feel with trim work instantly brightening the room and adding to its height. The kitchen island also got a new color that blends in well with the wood flooring and enhances the chrome hardware.


Simple Kitchen Makeover with Painted Cabinets

Before: Dated and Plain. Although everything seems neat and easily accessible in this kitchen, it lacks character.
After: A fresh coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets and the walls instantly transforms this space into a sleek and sophisticated cooking area. Notice how the two-tone look of the gray cabinets below and the white cabinets on the top add a stylish charm.


Before & After: A Kitchen is Totally Transformed with a Few Simple Steps

Before: Drab and Dull. The lower and top cabinets look bland against the yellow-green wall paint. Also, the flooring doesn’t blend in with the color scheme.
After: Clean and Modern. For just $9,000, this homeowner managed to pull off a new color scheme for the kitchen (white and gray). The splash of yellow beautifully breaks the monotony infusing a clean yet warm atmosphere.

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