50 Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Are you tired of Halloween decorations bought by stores? Always see the typical witch hat or pumpkin scattered on everyone’s front door, or common decorations on the coffee table? So this year you have to go all out to make your own unique and creative Halloween decorations.

Your friend can create creative and expensive DIY Halloween projects with materials purchased from a dollar store. It doesn’t take a lot of money to turn your home into a Halloween style space. With these ingenious and cost saving creative Halloween Craft ideas, your family and friends will be amazed at how you can make these incredible Halloween decorations. Take a look at these Halloween crafts in the dollar store to get your inspiration.

11. DIY Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin

A mass of spiders is the stuff of nightmares. Create the scene by covering a pumpkin full of spiders, and don’t forget to add a trail for some serious scary appeal. Get the instructions via thekimsixfix.

12. DIY Concrete Halloween Ornament from Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin

Who wants to see some drab old plastic pumpkin? Make your very own creepy concrete pumpkin by using a plastic pumpkin from the Dollar Store as a mold. Get the tutorial via hometalk.

13. DIY Skull Candlesticks

Candles for Halloween are always a staple but you can turn it up a notch by making these super cool skull candlesticks. You can get a pair of candlesticks from a Dollar Store, glue a skull with a candle on the top, and you’ve got an ingenious Halloween decor that’s sure to shock. via capscreations.

14. DIY Spell and Potion Book Tutorial

With just a few plastic Halloween objects from the Dollar Store, some metallic paint, and an old hard cover book, you’ll have an ancient-looking spell and potion book in no time. Add plenty of ghoulish details and your family and friends will certainly think these books are real. via betterafter.

15. Turn a $1 Plastic Pumpkin Bucket into an Awesome Stone-Look Planter with Just Some Specialty Spray Paint

Spray paint a $1 plastic pumpkin in the color grey to make it look concrete, and place some flowers or a plant inside. via source.

16. DIY Spider Halloween Vase from Dollar Store Vase

Take a basic glass or plastic vase from the Dollar Store, make a spider’s web with glue stick, and spray it entirely black. Fill it up with purple roses and black twigs, and you’re got a spooky centerpiece that’ll go a long way. And don’t forget the freakishly huge spider for the full Halloween effect. Get the step by step tutorial via kscraftshack.

17. DIY Pottery Barn Bone Yard Ceramic Hurricanes

Skulls are always a great idea when it comes to Halloween decorations. They’re classy, weird, creepy, but appeal to both kids and adults. Make this super creative pottery barn bone yard ceramic project and place on tables, bookshelves, and even on the floor. source.

18. Painted Halloween Goblets – Easy to Paint Wine Glasses Using Paint Pens

Turn any wine glass to Halloween-appropriate by doodling Halloween themes on the sides. Just don’t forget to leave the upper rim clean so your guests won’t have second thoughts of actually drinking from the glasses. source.

19. DIY Halloween Chain from Pipe Insulation

Turn your living room into a living dungeon by decorating with these Halloween chains made from Dollar Store pipe insulation. Paint them black and grey for a more realistic effect. via source.

20. Halloween Magnetic Spiders Door Decoration

If you don’t want the mess of paint and glitter, and all that cutting and pasting, then these magnetic spider project is definitely for you. Simply glue some magnets on tiny spiders and arrange them on walls or on your refrigerator door. Get the tutorial via deliacreates.

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