50 Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Are you tired of Halloween decorations bought by stores? Always see the typical witch hat or pumpkin scattered on everyone’s front door, or common decorations on the coffee table? So this year you have to go all out to make your own unique and creative Halloween decorations.

Your friend can create creative and expensive DIY Halloween projects with materials purchased from a dollar store. It doesn’t take a lot of money to turn your home into a Halloween style space. With these ingenious and cost saving creative Halloween Craft ideas, your family and friends will be amazed at how you can make these incredible Halloween decorations. Take a look at these Halloween crafts in the dollar store to get your inspiration.

21. Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Wreaths are a staple for front door decorations. But wreaths don’t always have to be pretty. Make this super creative hand skeleton wreath and you’ve got a classy and creepy Halloween decor to welcome your guests. Get the step by step tutorial via eighteen25.

22. DIY Bell Jar Halloween Tablescape

Showcase a collection of oddities with these super creative bell jars. Buy some really cheap Halloween objects and animals, place them inside or cover them with glass jars, and you’ve got a curious case of creepiness that’s super classy and super creepy at the same time. Get the tutorial via thepinjunkie.

23. DIY Shadow Box Pumpkins

Make a few Halloween village scenes with cut out board paper, candles, and of course, these pumpkins to hold everything in place. source.

24. DIY Skeleton Vase

Wrap any Dollar Store vase with these awesome tiny skeletons and decorate with twine for a creepy vase that you can place on coffee tables or your home office. Get the tutorial via source.

25. Easy DIY Skeleton Dish

Take a tiny skeleton apart and glue around a basic dish. Spray paint everything in white and an ultra-cool dish is yours to serve some treats to trick-or-treaters or your party guests. Get the instructions via fourfrontdoors.

26. Dollar Store Witch Brooms with Spray Paint

Turn a couple of witch’s brooms from basic to awesome by spray painting them in dark colors. Don’t forget to add on the glitter for some added sparkle. via source.

27. DIY Witch Legs from Pool Noodles and Dollar Store Stockings

Got some old black kitten heels lying around? Then make this super easy and super fast Halloween decor. All you need is a couple of pool noodles and cheap striped stockings from the Dollar Store and a super funny decor is yours to display. Via source.

28. DIY Snow White’s Poison Apple from Fake Apples

Decorate these fake apples on the dining table for your party. Using some supplies from the Dollar Store, take Snow White and the Evil Queen to your dinner party with this creative take on Halloween decor. via letsgetthrifty.

29. Dollar Store Mummy Vase

Turn any Dollar Store vase into a mummy by wrapping it in gauze and adding some googly eyes. via source.

30. DIY Skeleton Fairies

Simply glue some butterfly wings on tiny skeletons and place them everywhere in your home for some subtle Halloween decor that’ll surely surprise. Get the instructions via halloweenforum.

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