50 Friend Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost there. The annual Halloween Costume Party is always the activity expected by most girls. It’s the only time of year when you can be the person you want to be, not yourself. It’s a good time to use your imagination and reflect your relationship with your friends.

Are you going to the Halloween Costumes store with your best friend? You can wear the same Costumes as your friends or dress up as a popular Halloween costume. The possibilities are endless, but choosing the best Costume can be a difficult task.

If you’re not sure what kind of Halloween Costumes you are wearing with your best friend, here are some great costume ideas that you can get inspiration from.

21. Thing One and Thing Two costumes

22. Rock Paper Scissors Costume

This costume idea is so genius you’re sure to get the laughs at any Halloween party. Though the rock, paper, and scissors are doomed to fight each other, it’s no question that one is never complete without the others. Show ’em how tight your friendship is with this super cute costume idea.

23. Toddlers And Tiaras Halloween Costume

Be as cute as little toddlers in this funny and super cute costume idea. Wear the sash and and of course, the tiaras and pacifiers to channel your inner little girls/beauty queens!

24. Cat Dog Costume

25. Angel and Devil Costumes

The angel and the devil always go hand in hand, so why not wear them as costumes for Halloween? Show both of your innocent and bad sides and get everyone talking by how badass you two are!

26. Lilo And Stitch Halloween Costume

The bond between these two beloved Disney characters is epic. Dress up as the lovable alien and her loyal human and bring the luau to the party.

27. Girl Best Friend Costumes

Pick a band that you both like, or anything for that matter and dress alike. This duo is dressed up as Kiss band members, complete with black nail polish, face make-up, and of course, fishnet stockings.

28. Ninja Turtle Costumes for Girls

Do you want to be a kickass Ninja Turtle? Don’t ever do it alone – enlist your friends to complete the famous pizza-eating, ass-kicking mutants.

29. Three Blind Mice Costumes

Wear your all-black ensembles, a pair of black sunglasses, and a mouse headband to become the 3 blind mice. Cute and utterly easy to recreate.

30. Emoji Halloween Costume

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