65 Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas for Easy, Creative, and Unique Trick-or-Treating

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for kids, there are so many variables: Do they want to be scary, silly, or cute? Do they want to dress up as the characters from their favorite movie, TV show, or book, or do they want to come up with something that stands on its own? And then, there’s how much work you’re willing to put in: Are you going to go the store-bought route, or try making a homemade DIY costume? And, if it’s the latter, how much time and skill do you have? (Don’t forget about the costume accessories!) Whether you want to go all out for your kids’ Halloween, quickly pull something together, or just hit “buy” at an online store, we have all the costume inspiration you’ll need to find the perfect girls’ costumes and boys’ costumes for your little monsters. Then, they’ll be ready to start running wild, filling up their treat bags while trick-or-treating. (And if they’re not yet big kids: Check out our favorite Halloween costumes for toddlers, as well as the cutest baby costumes, too).

Then, once you have the kids’ costumes down, what are you going to do for yourself? If you want to get your family in on the fun, check out our guide to the best family costumes. And if you plan on hosting a party at home after trick-or-treating, we have some song ideas for a kid-friendly Halloween playlist, as well as some family-appropriate Halloween movies too. Throw them on, then sneak a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup out of their candy buckets while they’re distracted. (We won’t tell.)


Homemade Donut Costume

The most delicious trend on the block can be DIY-ed into a sweet Halloween costume with no sewing required.

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