BBC Shares Video of the World’s Smallest Cat, and Now We Can Peep at Its Tiny World

The BBC has shared a video that proves our feline friends keep finding ways of getting even sweeter than we thought. Starring the rare rusty-spotted cat, the world’s smallest feline, we have finally gotten a glimpse of his tiny, wild world.

We at Amazing Things on Earth love knowing that the animal world is still filled with new surprises for us, so we’re sharing this video of a rusty-spotted cat with you.

The rusty-spotted cat, as seen in the video, is the smallest feline in the world. A fully-grown adult male not only looks like a kitten, but it can probably fit in the palm of your hand. But don’t let their size fool you… being so tiny has its advantages. A pile of leaves isn’t something for these cats to play in… it’s important camouflage.

These cats are normally loners by nature, but they are also pretty active and playful. Though they’re normally a wild cat, there are a few reports of people keeping them as pets and they have been known to show affection toward humans.

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