Incredible Artist Born With Birth Defect Paints Using Only Her Mouth And Feet

Alana Ciena Tillman is an artist based in Northern California. At first glance, it’s her stunning eye for color that impresses viewers.

But the true shock comes when one learns her technique: Alana creates all of her artwork using nothing but her mouth and feet.

She was born with a rare defect that caused her to lose the use of her arms and hands. Undeterred, a young Alana sought out different ways to channel her creativity and artistic sensibilities.

Encouraged by her architect father, artist uncles, and creative household, Alana started picking up the paintbrush with her mouth, and drew out stunning pieces of art, inspired by the natural scenery, people, and animals that surrounded her every day.

Her mission is to inspire others with similar disabilities to pick up the paint brush (or whatever tool they love) and let their imagination and creativity run wild!

Click here to visit Alana’s website, and to see more of her incredible artwork. Scroll further to read her story, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Meet Alana. She is an artist based in Northern California, and has been painting ever since she was 5 years old.

She was born with a rare birth defect that left her without the use of her arms and hands.

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