30 Nice Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas


These are by far the most common kinds of spooky Halloween decorations. Of course, it is very important for the decoration to be life-like in order to be truly spooky. These decorations can be placed in different areas of the house like in the porch area or on the window.

Skeletons, skulls and bones decorations can be made of many materials like plastic and wood. The paint is very important in order to look realistic and scary. Some skeleton decorations are battery operated for extra spookiness. These are great decorations to scare little kids away.

This is a great idea if you have a little more budget. You can make your house or some parts of your house look like an authentic haunted house. Several themes are truly spooky like dungeon, spider webs and many more. This is a good decoration if you are planning to convert your porch or front lawn into something really scary. These decorations combined with others like mummies and skeletons will really give that spooky look.

These are special props that come in many forms which truly makes your Halloween very memorable. Scene setters are also ideal for Halloween or costume parties. Posters are the most common kind of this specific Halloween decoration. Life size posters of scary characters like Jason from Friday the 13th or Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street displayed in some areas of the house will really look scary.

Window silhouettes are also very spooky if used properly. Neighborhood kids will surely be terrified and adults will be intrigued with your decorations. You can also use also spooky stickers for bottles and cans to make your party real freaky.

Witch decorations are also very popular spooky Halloween decorations. You can hang life-sized witch dolls in different places of your house to set the ambiance for Halloween. Just make sure that you remember you have these decorations when you get up late at night or else you might have a heart attack.

Brooms and witch potions can also be placed in different areas of your house to make it look like an authentic witch home. One of the scariest decorations for Halloween is the realistic witch on a broom which can be suspended in different areas of the house. This decoration will really make the setting scary at night.

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