Top 10 Biggest Hospitals in the World

Hospitals these days aren’t simply architectural delights but they are also filled with modern facilities, staffs and safety. Traveling across the world, we have garnered 10 biggest hospitals not only in terms of their size or number of beds but also the advanced medical facilities they offer. Here are top 10 biggest hospitals in the world:

10. Royal Melbourne Hospital – Melbourne, Australia

The Royal Melbourne Hospital
The Royal Melbourne Hospital – Biggest Hospital in the World

Located in Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital was the first hospital of its kind in the city. It was founded in 1948. Today it is considered to be the most well-known hospital with leading clinical care offering world class medical expertise.

Royal Melbourne Hospital is widely known for its surgical expertise along with its research department. Its research department is considered as the best in the world and different new practices and technologies are utilized.

It houses 580 beds and is spread across two campuses. 85,400 patients are treated in this hospital every year.

9. City Hospital No. 40- Saint Petersburg, Russia

City Hospital No. 40
City Hospital No. 40 – Biggest Hospital in the World

Located at Saint Petersburg in Russia, City Hospital No. 40 offers one of the finest medical services in the world. It keeps on upgrading its technology and staff. Founded in 1748, the hospital kept on expanding. It started off with only 50 beds. It had 680 beds by 1970s.

This hospital has offered rehabilitation treatment to more than 250,000 patients. 20,000 patients are treated in this hospital every year. It has many different specialized areas like orthopedics, vascular surgery, traumatology, neurology, gynecology. Medical experts from around the world offer their services in this huge hospital.

8. The Auckland City Hospital- Auckland, New Zealand

The Auckland City Hospital
The Auckland City Hospital – Biggest Hospital in the World

The Auckland City Hospital is the largest and among the best hospitals of New Zealand. Situated in Auckland in the Grafton city area, it also has the largest medical center in the world.

It has a variety of services with four different health divisions. There is a separate child care wing, adult care, maternity and newborn, and cardio-thoracic care unit. It also has the most advanced laboratories in New Zealand called LabPlus.

This hospital has 3500 rooms and 710 beds. 55000 patients are treated every year in the emergency department alone.

7. Jackson Memorial Hospital – Miami, Florida, United States

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Jackson Memorial Hospital – Biggest Hospital in the World

Jackson Memorial Hospital is situated in Florida and was founded in 1918. It happens to the biggest hospital in all of United States in terms of number of beds available for the patients. Currently it houses 2000 beds and offers treatment to 70,000 patients annually.

There are various universities associated with this hospital like the Ross University of Medicine and University of Miami. It is also considered the largest hospital in the world when it comes to organ transplants. More than 400 transplants take place each year in this hospital.

It also has a Ryder Trauma Center which is the only Level 1 pediatric and adult trauma center in United States.

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