Top 10 Unusual Weapons of Ancient Times

Throughout the history, humans have used weapons. It was used in wars, for law enforcement, hunting, and criminal activities. Using arms were one of the means to instill fear and terror.

On a battlefield, it was the weapon that can make all the difference. These weapons had played a vital role in the rise and fall of civilizations. Different civilizations have crafted their version of weapons, according to their need. They struggle hard to make the weapons more durable and powerful by using different materials and techniques. Be a simple  ancient times spear that rips through the enemy’s heart or the modern machine gun or bomb that rips everything to shreds, weapons were always designed to be deadly and destructive!!

The 10 merely unusual weapons of the ancient civilizations which they invented are listed below…

Here are Top 10 Unusual Weapons of Ancient Times.

10. The Sword Breaker

The Sword Breaker

One of the unique weapons of the Middle Age is the sword breaker. It is a long dagger with cuts on one side of the blade. It was an important tool in a knight’s arsenal and was used to catch the enemy’s sword. The sword blade gets stuck in one of the cuts and with a little twist the blade of sword breaks away and fall off.

9. The man catcher

The man catcher

A type of pole weapon used by Europeans in the late 18th century. It had a pole with two semi-circular split head. Each semicircle had spiked to keep the victim trapped. It was used to drag the person on the ground from the horseback. In the medieval times, it was used to capture honorable rivals for ransom as well.

The Japanese had a similar weapon known as Sasumata which was used to pin the enemy against the wall or on the ground. This weapon is still there with variation and is used by Japanese riot police.

8. Flail


The Flail is a spiked ball with a chain used during the Middle Ages. It was best known for being an exceptional tool for getting around opponent’s armor. It not only tears a shield into pieces, but it’s one hit can take the enemy down as well.

7. Chu Ko Nu

Chu Ko Nu

Chu Ko Nu a weapon designed by the Chinese 2400 years back. It was a semi-automatic crossbow with a feeder on the top and a lever near the end for repeating the process. The wooden case on the top held 10 crossbow bolts which fell into place when the rectangular lever pulled back after firing a bolt. It was a kind of a rifle of that time.

Expert crossbowman could shoot 10 bolts within 15 seconds. Bolts sometimes were even poisoned by the deadly aconite flower which is also known as Wolfsbane to make it more lethal.

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