Top 10 YouTube Channels for Free Fitness Videos

If you are a YouTuber (which you probably are!), you should definitely subscribe to these top 10 YouTube fitness channels brewing with fresh fitness video content.

Here is a list of Top 10 YouTube Channels for Free Fitness Videos.

10. XHIT Daily

The combination of High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), Pilates and CrossFit is bound to offer you muscle tone and strength. XHIT Daily will let you check out fitness lifestyles of celebrities with a new workout video daily which is where it gets its name from. With their Victoria’s Secret Model workout sections, they promise to make you not only reach out your hand but get in touch with the dream of having a Victoria’s Secret Angel appearance.

It will also teach you to get legs like Jennifer Lawrence. This channel even offers seven day workout plans with expert instructors like Cynthia Dallas, Rebecca-Louise Smith and Kelsey Lee. The two amazingly fit girls have had the honor of being feature in magazines like Vogue and Glamour.

9. JessicaSmithTV

Do you have interest in latest barre class trend? Then you should definitely watch Smith’s videos since she will provide you with barre inspired workouts that you are doable at home. She also has a bulldog she calls Peanut who keeps appearing in her videos on and off. There is a group-fitness-class feel to her videos without the need to leave the comfort of your home

8. Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill is a great success. An overweight new mom turned into a fitness guru. She is such an inspiring lady who will let you turn your fitness obstacles into success the same way she did for herself. She is very fond of using a stability ball in her workout sessions. However, majority of her workout sessions are without the use of any fitness tool and cover fitness areas like ab and core body weight workouts, body weight work outs and muscle toning.

She offers fitness videos like thin thighs in 30 days, get a Beyoncé booty, attack the back and arm fat and quick calf workout along with videos with nutritional advice, developing healthy lifestyle habits and entrepreneurship tips.


Do you believe in a healthy mix of both exercise and diet? will give you just that. It takes into account both the perspective of diet and exercise with it 500 and above videos that talk about a wide range of aspect of both categories.

They create awareness about health, nutrition and diet along with a huge range of workout videos you can reap fitness benefits from. There are many fitness instructors who team up to give you interesting video uploads like the Medicine Ball Abs exercise, Pilates workout, trimming and tightening muscles and quick burn hips series.

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