When Photoshop Goes Out of Control – 30 Photos

They say Photoshop can do magic. True that! If you know Photoshop, you can turn your friend into a monkey in a matter of minutes by playing with his picture. You can also make anyone a superstar by giving them a complete makeover; not just that, Photoshop empowers you to come up with all sorts of artworks that you may use for marketing your product or cause.  But you need a keen eye to work the magic of Photoshop. Otherwise, you’ll end up with senseless images that make no sense.

We’ve all had our fair share of bad editing and Photoshop. But we have enough common sense to not post our editing fails on the internet. Unfortunately, the people on the list curated below didn’t possess enough common sense. Maybe they overlooked it… somehow? Or maybe, it’s all in good fun! Well, you be the judge and decide. Scroll on to see 30 photos in which photoshop goes out of control. Enjoy peeps!




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